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New Year, New HOP(A): Return of the Annual Conference Research Abstracts

JHOP - March 2024 Vol 14 Special Feature - Editorial
Sara S. Kim, BS, PharmD, BCOP; Adam J. DiPippo, PharmD, BCOP
Dr Kim is HOPA Abstract Review Subcommittee Chair, 2023-2024, and Senior Pharmacy Manager for Clinical Services, Zuckerberg Cancer Center, Northwell Health Cancer Institute, Lake Success, NY; Dr DiPippo is HOPA Abstract Review Subcommittee Vice Chair, 2023-2024, and Clinical Pharmacy Specialist – Leukemia, PGY2 Oncology Residency Coordinator at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX.

We are pleased to welcome you to this special issue of the Journal of Hematology Oncology Pharmacy (JHOP), the official publication of the Hematology/Oncology Pharmacy Association (HOPA). This special issue, the Fourth Annual Issue of HOPA Abstracts 2024, comprises abstracts presented at the 20th HOPA Annual Conference, April 3-6, 2024, in Tampa, FL. The abstracts featured in this issue showcase the significant and impactful research submitted by HOPA members and nonmembers, encompassing hematology/oncology pharmacists, other healthcare professionals, and scientists from the United States and abroad.

The Annual Conference Abstract Review Subcommittee of HOPA is composed of volunteers from HOPA members and includes representation on subjects by experts in various hematology/oncology subspecialties and practice areas. The subcommittee is tasked with establishing and upholding policies and procedures related to the submission criteria for research abstracts and is responsible for evaluating completed, late-breaking, and trainee research submissions. The submitted research encompasses a wide range of clinical/translational and practice management topics, including benign or malignant hematology, solid tumors, blood and marrow transplant/cellular therapy, supportive care, medication safety, pharmacist roles, quality improvement, and the value of cancer care. In accordance with its policies and procedures, the Annual Conference Abstract Review Subcommittee selects abstracts from the completed research and late-breaking submissions for poster presentation and platform presentation at the HOPA Annual Conference. In addition, the subcommittee selects abstracts from the trainee research submissions for Trainee Top 10 Posters for eposter presentation at the HOPA Annual Conference. Subcommittee members also serve as judges of the Trainee Top 10 Poster presentations for best trainee poster selection. They also serve as moderators for platform presentations and evaluators for trainee posters.

This year, 64 completed and late-breaking research abstracts were submitted for consideration, all of which underwent review and scoring by designated members of the Abstract Review Subcommittee, followed by deliberation among the full subcommittee where all abstracts undergo a thorough critique regarding their scientific merit and relevance to HOPA members and attendees of the HOPA Annual Conference. Abstracts selected as late-breaking research must also demonstrate a significant impact on hematology/oncology pharmacy practice that warrants prompt review and dissemination.

This year’s platform presentations showcase research on the following topics: The REMEDY Trial: Remote Outpatient Temperature Monitoring for Early Detection of Febrile Neutropenia After High-Dose Cytarabine Consolidation Chemotherapy; Post-Transplant Cyclophosphamide as GVHD Prevention After Myeloablative Conditioning; Survey of PGY-2 Oncology RPDs To Assess Current Resources and Effects on Burnout; and Predictive Factors of Dose Reduction Among Patients Treated With Palbociclib for Advanced or Metastatic Breast Cancer in Real-World Setting.

HOPA members and nonmembers alike who contributed abstracts are leaders in hematology/oncology pharmacy practice and integral members of the healthcare community, optimizing cancer care for the patients we serve. The research showcased at the HOPA Annual Conference exemplifies HOPA’s commitment to education, the advancement of professional practice, collaboration, innovation, and clinical excellence. We hope that you will find enlightenment and inspiration from the exceptional abstracts featured in this issue.

We look forward to receiving abstract submissions from YOU in the future!

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