Letters to the Editor Instructions

Readers are invited to submit Letters to the Editor in response to an article published in the journal or a general topic.

Letters that are accepted for publication are subject to the journal’s editing for style and content. Letters will appear in print or online on the journal’s website.

Letters should not exceed 400 words, excluding references. Limit the number of references to 12.

A letter that includes a figure or a table should be limited to 300 words (excluding the table or figure) and 6 references.

Letters should not have more than 4 authors.

All authors will be required to sign a disclosure form related to any potential financial conflicts of interest.

Include your full contact information (including mailing address and phone number), current professional affiliation, and e-mail address.

Submit all letters through the journal’s regular submission process located here.

Letters that do not follow these instructions will not be considered for publication.

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