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IMBRUVICA™ Approved For Previously Treated Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia; Immediately Available Through Onco360®

Press Releases published on February 17, 2014

New York – February 12, 2014 – Onco360, the nation’s fastest-growing independent Oncology Pharmacy and Clinical Support Services company, is proud to be part of the limited Specialty Pharmacy Network of IMBRUVICA™ (ibrutinib). IMBRUVICA™ is now also indicated for the treatment of patients with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL), who have received at least one prior therapy. This indication is based on overall response rate. An improvement in survival or disease-related symptoms has not been established.

Dosing for CLL
The recommended dose of IMBRUVICA™ for CLL is 420 mg (three 140 mg capsules) orally once daily

IMBRUVICA™ is commercially available immediately through Onco360 and its network of OncoMed Pharmacies. Orders can be placed by:

  • Downloading an IMBRUVICA™ Order Form at and faxing it to 877-662-6355;
  • Calling 877-662-6633; or
  • e-Prescribing to OncoMed, The Oncology Pharmacy.

On November 13, 2013 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) initially approved IMBRUVICA™ for the treatment of patients with mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) who have received one prior therapy. MCL is, a rare and aggressive type of blood cancer.

“With the experience Onco360 already has helping treat MCL patients with IMBRUVICA™, we are grateful for the opportunity to also help CLL patients who may benefit from this medication,” said Onco360 Vice Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer Burt Zweigenhaft.

Eligible patients who are prescribed IMBRUVICA™ may receive access support through the YOU&i Access Program. More information is available at 877-877-3536 or at

Please see the full prescribing information at

About Onco360®:
With executive offices in New York City, Onco360 ( is is the largest independent provider of Oncology Pharmacy services in the country. Onco360 was founded in 2003 as OncoMed, The Oncology Pharmacy, to bring together the stakeholders involved in the cancer treatment process and serve the specialized needs of oncologists, patients, hospitals, cancer centers of excellence, manufacturers, health plans, and payers. The company’s clinical and dispensing model was developed specifically to meet the unique needs of oncology-treating physicians and their patients. Onco360 is advancing the continuum of oncology pharmaceutical care through patient advocacy, dispensing excellence, and the clinical experience and expertise that comes from its focus in oncology. Onco360 dispenses through its network JCAHO-accredited OncoMed Pharmacies. PharMerica Corporation (NYSE:PMC), a leading institutional pharmacy, specialty infusion and hospital services company servicing healthcare facilities in the United States, made a significant strategic investment in Onco360. The partnership between PharMerica and Onco360 creates the only national oncology pharmacy and care management platform in the country, with the unique ability to service the localized needs of community- and hospital based-oncologists.

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