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FDA Updates

First Anti–PD-1 Immunotherapy, Pembrolizumab, Receives Accelerated FDA Approval for Advanced Melanoma;
Ibrutinib Received Expanded Indication for Patients with CLL and 17p Deletion;
FDA Approved Idelalisib for Three Types of Hematologic Cancers;
Belinostat Approved for Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma, an Aggressive Form of NHL;
Lymphoseek Injection Received Expanded Indication for Head and Neck Cancer SLN Biopsy
The following briefs provide updates on new FDA approvals and indications to help hematology and oncology pharmacists keep up with new information regarding drugs that are coming to market for the management of patients with cancer.
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved many new cancer drugs and several new indications for previously approved drugs in 2013, as well as the first 2 drugs designated as “breakthrough therapy.”
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